Another Chilling Hallowe'en

Writer's Cramp (WC) has been publishing continuously for 17 years, bringing new writers from around the world to audiences of readers hungry for unique and highly entertaining prose and poetry. WC has evolved into primarily a genre magazine, featuring terror, suspense, horror, science fiction, detective and supernatural stories, and all with a dusting of dry wit.

For this, our 17th year, we are proud to announce the publication of a new book by one of the founding members of Writer's Cramp, Frank Thayer. The novel, "The Cobston Trilogy-The Ontario Horror," had its birth within our own pages and is now for sale in a handsomely bound edition that can be purchased through this LINK.

Since this magazine saw its birth on Hallowe'en of 1999, it seems onl fitting that we celebrate its 17th Anniversary by printing all new stories from three of our origial contributors, Frank Thayer, Teri Lucia and JB Pravda. Along with these new pieces of Hallowe'en candy, we've compiled a few treats from past Hallowe'en issues of WC.


The Grand Order of Marbas

Frank Thayer


Teri Lucia

Double-Barrel Burnout

J.B. Pravda

And to round out this issue; we'd like to reintroduce our readers to many of the stories that have appeared in past Hallowe'en Editions.


Staying Awake

The House at Grave's End

Dead Creek Road

Addie's Room

Ghosts of Giants

The Curse of St Edward’s Ghoul

Tricks for Treats

Beyond Cobston's Graves

The Amusement Pier

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