Writer's Cramp launches Gallery of original artwork for sale


(Toronto, September 15, 2002) In our determination for the intelligent evolution of this magazine, we take chances. More often than not the results are pleasantly surprising. Now it's time to take the biggest chance we've ever contemplated. Writer's Cramp has introduced a commercial aspect to the Crampsite in order to survive and continue to grow.

Over the past two years, the publisher of WC has investigated the possibility of soliciting assistance through Canadian Government arts and heritage funding organizations in order to keep overt commercialism out of the pages of Writer's Cramp. It has been a long, complicated, anticipatory and ultimately fruitless proposition.

Last winter, the Office of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Sheila Copps, responded to a personal letter of request with regrets, "The Department of Canadian Heritage, however, does not have any programs that could provide support for electronic periodicals." This after the announcement of an infusion of $millions to the Department in order to increase Canadian presence on the Internet.

WC has initiated a sponsorship program for corporations to promote their presence in the pages of Writer's Cramp by means of either logo links or banner ads. A selective list of companies has been contacted with the proposal and their response will help determine the direction of Writer's Cramp sponsorship policy in the coming months.

But of more immediate interest to the readership of Writer's Cramp is the introduction a Gallery of original artwork for sale. WC has launched a catalog of digitally enhanced and electronically created "light paintings," from original photographs and designs by Robert Liberty. Many of the works are inspired by the magazine's most popular stories and poetry from past issues. The artwork is available in original, signed and dated prints through the new Writer's Cramp Gallery, www.writerscramp.ca/gallery.htm. Although the Gallery has only been up one day, reaction is marvelous and International sales have already been confirmed.

Visit Writer's Cramp today and see where the tide of evolution has taken us.

"If there is an online literary site that rivals a traditional literary journal, Writer's Cramp is probably that site." Professor Frank Thayer, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, New Mexico State University.