Former College Journalism Founder Publishes Novel of Early Days in Canada


(MAY 19, 2004 - TORONTO) The new Writer's Cramp Press is proud to announce publication of its first print edition - The Tintinnabulating Quantum Jump Machine - a novel by Professor Frank Thayer, Ph. D., and Head of Journalism and Mass Communications at New Mexico State University.

It was Frank Thayer who first developed and launched the template curricula for all journalism and communications courses for the fledgling community college system in Ontario during the early 1960s. And it is from those birthing experiences that Thayer culls this riotous, ridiculous, raucous and irreverent account of the fictitious Amherst College of Applied Arts and Technology.

The Tintinnabulating Quantum Jump Machine takes us, through the eyes of its protagonist Mike Stratford, on a journey of bittersweet discovery, hilarious greed, mismanagement, seedy human nature and ultimately hope for a future that did actually become fulfilled in Canada's community college experiment.

Robert Liberty, publisher of The Tintinnabulating Quantum Jump Machine and editor of Writer's Cramp Online Magazine, ( was a student of Frank Thayer's around the time the events of the novel take place and because of that connection, personal interest and the strong motivational drive of Carole Lanno, another of Thayer's students and life-long friends, the trio joined forces to form a print arm of the online magazine and Writer's Cramp Press came into being.

The real campus model for Amherst College, Centennial College's Warden Woods Campus in Scarborough, is set to close its doors this year for good, the old building will make way for another future, and those students and faculty who still remember Frank Thayer and his days as journalism coordinator will be thrilled to discover that there is a record of those long gone days when they were young and full of promise. And will be delighted to read a fictional account of a place they spent three years of their early lives.

And as the book's cover states,

"Once upon a time in Canada, a brave new educational movement was born; the community college, an attempt to educate the great majority. That was the good news. The bad news was that it was launched in the 1960s.

"Here is a hilarious and unforgettable novel about those times, a tale of 20th Century Canadiana, bureaucracy, manipulation, greed and corruption amid an era of sex, flowing drugs and the din of rock 'n roll.

"This is "Alice in Wonderland" meets "Animal House," and in this place the students and staff major in bewilderment, beer and bad karma.

"It could have happened just the way it's written here. "Ask somebody who was there."

For further information please contact,

Robert Libert

Writer's Cramp Press

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". . . Writer's Cramp offers the discerning reader a peek into dimensions beyond the everyday. . . a safe harbor for writers and readers alike . . ."

— Sharon K. Gilbert, author of "Winds of Evil"