Writer's Cramp shatters previous record
for number of hits in a month


(Toronto, May 6, 2002) — Writer's Cramp, www.writerscramp.ca, has shattered it's previous record for number of hits in a single month, by doubling it.

The presence of Writer's Cramp online magazine has grown steadily since it moved URL's from www.interlog.com/~rliberty, its address for over three years, to www.writerscramp.ca, last November.

Although the site has always attracted a core group of adherents, readers, contributors and friends, the establishment of the domain name has catapulted the site across the Worldwide Web.

Prior to November, 2001, a hit rate of 1,000 per month was the norm and still a respectable showing for a small literary/genre magazine with no outside financial backing and no advertising. Now the hit rate has grown exponentially from month to month, at 1,401 in November, effectively outdoing any previous month, to an astonishing 11,163 in April, 2002.

What's the reason for the gigantic leap? Writer's Cramp has always been a showcase for the work of Canadian and International writers, poets and essayists, giving them a voice in the crowded arena of the commercial publishing world. The only stipulation being that it does not publish fluff - oh, and it does not pay, yet. But we've heard things. Now, because of its visibility to search engines, the site is more easily accessible and more readers than ever are finding the site and returning, again and again, to see what's new and what's coming next.

Although Writer's Cramp began modestly, its list of new and returning contributors, producing original and brilliant short stories and poetry, has grown right along with its readership.

Regular contributors include Canadian writers RG Liberty (founder and publishing editor), Juris Rasa (husband of Canadian novelist Margaret Gibson), Ian Little, Terry Sargeant, Marcy Gray and international contributors Teri Lucia, Molly Lewis, retired Professor, Gary Sloan, Dan Hall, Charles Langley, Elizabeth Langford, Ronald Carpenter and Professor Frank Thayer.

The continued success of the site will depend on maintaining its presence and increasing its offerings of fresh, entertaining and quality writing to its readers.

Writer's Cramp will soon offer premium banner space on its website and prestige positioning for sponsors and underwriters of the magazine, in the form of logo links to the sponsor's site.

"If there is an online literary site that rivals a traditional literary journal, Writer's Cramp is probably that site." Professor Frank Thayer, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, New Mexico State University.