A new philosophy for Writer's Cramp

Dear Reader:

What can you get for three dollars these days?

You can buy a cup and a half of coffee, if you're lucky and don't ask for anything fancy; you can rent a three-year-old video from the huge box at the back of the Blockbuster, just behind the poster for Showgirls; you might be able to put a downpayment on a new paperback by Ann Rice - 'Queen of the Astro Zombies Meets Lestat's Nephew'; buy three chances at a million from the lottery booth guy in the mall and paste the ticket to your fridge along with the hundred others you'll probably get around to checking again just to make sure you didn't miss a number or three; use it as a bribe to get your babysitter to consider taking care of the kids for three hours at twelve dollars an hour plus DVD and stereo privileges for her and her friend (just a girl from school I promise - no I'd never have my boyfriend over when I'm baby-sitting, honest); buy a comic book? can you buy a comic book for three dollars any more? well maybe Casper or Richie Rich; you can always have a little fun fluttering three ones off a tall building and watch them butterfly slowly down and see if anyone rushes to pick them up; toss three loonies or a looney and a toonie into a wishing well (because Canada doesn't allow small paper money) and wish last night's lottery ticket had hit the jackpot; or you can do something really intelligent with your three dollars - buy a subscription to Writer's Cramp.

Three dollars an issue, $18.00 a year buys you a subscription to all the newest and best modern mainstream and genre fiction, poetry and essays available anywhere on the Web, as well as unlimited access to a wealth of archived material you can revisit whenever you wish. And your $18.00 a year subscription will help ensure that Writer's Cramp continues to be Your Online Choice for Quality Writing - in all its forms.

What can you get for three dollars? Well in this issue alone you'll get:

  • Ann Huseman
  • RG Liberty
  • Ronald Carpenter
  • Gerald Sheagren
  • Robert Montesino