Dear Reader:

Why do writers write? Some will tell you it's a compulsion, some will explain it's a catharsis, others will insist it's a form of possession—a way to purge the mind and spirit of pent-up and seething images that demand outlet, crave release. But more likely than not, they will tell you that the intense joy of completing a piece of truly satisfying work far outweighs the weeks or months of pain and self-doubt that went into creating that work. Which brings us back to why writers write.

No sane person would choose to suffer for so long with no real hope that at the end their words will even find an ear. So Why?

Simply put, it's what writers do.

And it seems that when writers stumble upon a group of like spirited souls who offer friendship, encourage creativity and bolster often fragile egos, those writers not only find belonging, they thrive and outdo even their own perceived creative abilities. They challenge one another to do what they thought they could never do, and the results are astounding.

Put a group of brilliant scientists, physicists and mathematicians together and sooner than should be possible they will advance human knowledge by quantum leaps.

Assemble a group of brilliant, creative, adventurous writers and sooner than later there is a symbiosis of ideas and talent and passions that advances human imagination from one generation to the next.

You know most of our returning writers by the stellar caliber of their past works and once more we add to our ranks with a chilling story by our newest contributor, J. M. Heluk. But there is so much to read in this issue, from homage's to the Twilight Zone and sitcoms, trips to Venus, Trains of thought and poetry, UFO's, movie reviews, the latest installments of The Time Camera and, and more, that I won't take up any more time than to say;

I am proud that such a group of writers has chosen to assemble itself within the pages of Writer's Cramp and honored to present their genius to you once again.

You are why writers write. You and the pleasure of words.