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Writer's Cramp Editorial Services
Pre press through to Publishing

Writers are too close to their own work to be anything but subjective about what they see.

The words they read with their mind's eye are not always what's really on the page. It takes a different, more critical, set of eyes to see the work fresh and without personal involvement.

That's where I come in.

  • Content Evaluation
  • Proofreading
  • Line Editing
  • Sub Editing
  • Full Document Editing
  • Rewrite and Ghost Writing Services

(See Rates Page for details.)

Publishing your work on the Internet, creating eBooks for download and sale, or Print On Demand

Writer's Cramp Online Magazine, through Writer's Cramp Incorporated, is moving into its second decade of continuous publication, introducing new and long-established writers to an immense audience of readers on a global scale. Now Writer's Cramp Online is extending it's respected name into other avenues of non-traditional publishing, including Print on Demand and electronic book publishing for the new media of combined telephone and handheld entertainment delivery systems. The market for electronic books and short stories is on the verge of immediate expansion. And it will require content to fill its demands.

Will you be ready with your book or short story collection already formatted for electronic delivery? Will you be prepared to offer your novel or non-fiction book to the Print on Demand marketplace?

Writer's Cramp Incorporated's Editorial Services arm is poised to help you meet the coming demand. And one way we can accommodate you immediately is through our pre press service.

After your work is ready for publication we can guide you through the steps necessary to seeing your project published online and downloadable for sale from Writer's Cramp Books, a new web presence launching this January, or through Writer's Cramp Print on Demand.

Send us an email requesting more information about this new service launch and we'll send you more details as the website nears its launch date.