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Writer's Cramp Editorial Services — Rates*

Content Evaluation and recommendations

1200 - 2500 words @ $150.00
2500 - 10,000 words @ $500.00
Over 10,000 words contact editorial staff.

For this service the writer will receive a professional 250 to 1000 word evaluation of his/her work; fiction, poetry, essay or advertising copy, with recommendations for improvement and or change. Further in-depth recommendations or collaboration may be solicited from Writer's Cramp Editorial Services subsequent to email receipt of evaluation. At this point another agreement will be drawn up for both parties.

Proofreading — Line — and Sub Editing

To 2500 words — $500.00
To 10,000 words —$1,500.00

For this service the writer will receive only a straight professional proofing, line- and sub-edit of his/her work with corrections in spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation. Comments and recommendations concerning the work will have to be solicited following the actual work. The client will receive a "professionally clean" copy of his submitted work.

Full Document Editing

To 2500 words — $250.00
To 10,000 words —$2,500.00

Exactly as this implies, a full edit of the client's work, along with recommendations for changes, improvements and/or substitutions of those changes in a separate document. Structure analysis and full evaluation of the work will be delivered with the completed edit. (This evaluation will not include its viability as a salable work for today's market, merely an evaluation of next steps.)As well, the submitted content will be returned, via email, formatted for in Word and plain text versions.

Rewrite and Ghost Writing Services

This service is standard across all industry fee structures. Ghost writing is charged with an upfront, non-refundable fee from $5000 to $10000 and 50% of all royalties upon publication of the book. This applies to both fiction and non-fiction books.

Rewriting is charged, as per industry standard, but with leeway by the participating writer. In the Case of Writer's Cramp Freelance Editorial Services, the client can choose between a flat rate of $65.00 per hour for shorter jobs or $5,000 for works of 20,000 words to 50,000 and $10,000 for over 50,000 words.

For these specialized services please contact us by email at:
Editorial Services-
outline your requirements and appropriate arragements will be made to meet your needs and expedite your project.

* All Fees are calculated in US Dollars with a 6% charge for Goods and Services Tax added.