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The One True Detective
Ronald Carpenter

114 Pages PDF

Price: $5.95

In his lifetime Dr. Watson published memoirs of his illustrious friend, and surviving him a valise stuffed with bundles of yellowed paper reveals the depth of this perpetual commitment. In ragged manuscripts and marginal notes are told further tales of their remarkable time together, and through them we may again play audience to Watson the faithful chronicler. Perhaps more importantly, we might once again experience the art and science of detection as orchestrated by its greatest practitioner, the one and only man who rightfully bears the title of "The Great Detective".

"From the day of our birth till we leave mortality behind us the hand of fate is weaving unseen threads into the pattern of our lives, binding together events in such a way that an episode in one life may unexpectedly influence the next. For most these tenuous links are of no more consequence than a chance meeting - but for one such as Sherlock Holmes, whose skein is wound tightly with the threads of so many remarkable events and people, every day brings with it the chance some invisible strand will pull him into the heart of a surprising criminal affair." Here then are;

The Case of the Too Obvious Clues: — It's true dear readers, Holmes has quite disappeared, and Dr. Watson himself must join the hunt. The trail winds through a hole in the roof, Scotland Yard's official archives, and down a dusty country road to the very rim of that metropolis the Great Detective calls home. The only question is how the tiny box upon their mantle points the way in this twisted tale. —

The Case of the Imitation Thief: — Here at last is presented the case of a man, diabolically insane or ingeniously cunning, who for whatever reason steals only imitation jewels. He seems to risk much for so little. A student of gemology may decipher the clues on this mad trek through bedlam, but for one surprising moment even Holmes is found "ignorant" by definition. —

and A Case of Reflection: Come hear the remarkable tale of a killing with three solutions, and a criminal pair both deadly and innocent in nature. Holmes' prey taunts him from every direction, even his beloved agony columns. The reader will discover at last what tests the limits of a patient man like Watson and just how unladylike Sherlock Holmes can be after dark. —

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