You can’t trust your thoughts; editorials running in your own personal tabloid press; that was the initial reaction, the one he and his counterparts took refuge in, albeit of the cold comfort variety.

For three days they had had the same ‘thoughts’, at the same time, in the identical idiom and wording every day, ideas they could not recall ever having entertained; and the structure, so formal, such as they had heard from professional multilingual translators.  One in particular, about an impending reappearance within the Galaxy very soon, by what or whom was unclear.  The top brain researchers were noncommittal, calling for ‘more study’.

A definite number of ‘receivers’----that was the term used-----had experienced the messages.  Every principal leader of any nation-state and world-class entity had gotten them simultaneously.  They were now assembled, under the pretext of a U.N. conference proposed by the Americans, with no real-time media presence so as to promote off-the-record candor, to analyze what had been communicated…..in Esperanza.

“Look, someone, using that failed lingua franca has decided to launch a new terrorist ploy, you ask me” President Swanson held forth; she was the first feminine American figurehead.  “I have asked Dr. Salantro to give us her frank ideas.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, my theory is straightforward: this communication is clearly of a telepathic nature and our instruments tell us that the emanation is off-world” Dr. Salantro, an international first among equals in the field of astrophysics, waited for the usual cross-talk to subside and for the translation earpieces to do their magic after a ten second delay.

“Madam Chair, may I be recognized?” replied the Indian Premier.  “Dr., assuming you are thusly correct-------understand that our spiritual leaders are not surprised and have related similar occurrences and manifestations over the millennia in our Vedic texts------just what are we being told?”

“Well said, Dr. Chandra; essentially, these are not warnings, even threats.  Rather, they are more after the fashion of announcements, such as one might make in circulating the agenda for this meeting” she allowed.  “If we are correct, the ‘reappearance’ message relates to consciousness itself.  Some have even said that it is another name for the Soul.   Since science has no serious understanding of that property of mind, it being deemed an inorganic effect rather than cause, without any discernible ‘function’ according to the behavioralists, we can only conclude that the senders do possess such an understanding, perhaps in such a way as to be seen as its creators or managers, if you will.”

“Do you suggest that it is God speaking, telling us that we shall all die?” blurted the Russian President.

“A God perhaps; see here, the cargo cult theory has been essentially well-grounded empirically in anthropology: the South Sea tribes elevation of our servicemen during WWII to god-like status for their flying machines, effortless supply of foodstuffs and so forth, fetishes of which are still made today by these primitives.  As your distinguished Drs. Kasantsev and Seitsev have wisely concluded, this was how all religions began” Dr. Salantro advised.  “One thing is clear, some thing or event is imminent, most of my colleagues believing that to be a revisitation by one or more of these ‘deities’ from ‘Heaven’, and soon.”

“An invasion, correct, are we to assume?” queried the American President.

“That infers hostility, something not yet found in these messages” replied Dr. Salantro.

The conference continued for another hour along these lines of questioning and opining, at which time an adjournment was called; they were to resume the next day.  All were to retire to a nearby garden for an outdoor informal barbeque style dining experience and social break.

As the attendees began their feasting and social interaction, they all ‘received’ another message, again simultaneously.  It was downloaded and processed as follows:  “You, our creation, have been given a great gift, the ability to create in an unlimited way.  This gift was always conditional and dependent upon your behavior.  It is now withdrawn.”

Throughout the garden, the distinguished guests found themselves unable to communicate save through grunts and crude gestures, many among them having torn their clothes asunder and assumed a crouched menacing demeanor; it soon devolved into a rather barbaric display of gatherer behavior, the food being hoarded by one and another; one of them was brutally beaten by several others over a bit of food.

Mankind was, again, “un-conscious”, soulless…………


The End