The Dilettante’s Ball

© By 
Robert G Liberty



The Dilettante’s Ball
The Dilettante’s Ball
Let me introduce you to
The Dilettante’s Ball


Talent you need none
Style ah, c’mon!
It’s just an opportunity to
Pose and have fun


The Dilettante’s Ball
The Dilettante’s Ball
Talent and ambition is the
Bane of them all


The Dilettante’s Ball
Purple ink for all
You write the pap you speak the crap
To answer Muses' call


Serious intents

A chance for you to vent
Bring your petty passions
To the altar of content


Sling your purple prose
Blow your fucking nose
It’s all the same, amazingly to ears
That sphincter closed


The Dilettante’s storm
It’s certainly not the norm
Least of all for poets with a
Mastery of the form


But rant and rave they do
To convince the silly few
That the words they pen have merit
And a hidden message, too


The Dilettante’s Ball
You’re welcome one and all
Just squeeze your egos through the door
There’s still room in the hall.


You only need to call
To be welcomed to the Ball
The sloppier your writing is the better
For us all


We don’t want witty words
We can’t stand structured verbs
We love the artsy-fartsy realm of
Self inflated turds


So welcome to the Ball
Come ye Dilettantes in thrall
And settle in for ostentatious preening
In the hall


Forget your book of rhyme
There really isn’t time
We stroke your ego, genuflect
Oh it really is sublime.


So come ye one and all
Scribblers on the wall
Grand and growing egos,
Pompous asses one and all


A’swelling grandiose,
A howling so verbose
Your Ego Boost awaits you,
At the Dilettantes Ball.