Writer's Cramp showcases the work of Canadian and International writers, poets and essayists in an attempt to provide them a voice in the crowded arena of the commercial publishing world. Writer's Cramp began modestly, but quickly grew with a core group of contributors that has been producing new and brilliant short stories and poetry on a regular basis. The number of new writers from around the world finding a home within its pages is increasing with each new issue.

Writer's Cramp has functioned independently of any financial assistance for five years and has grown under the hands of a small, dedicated team, working part time in its off hours, to encompass some of the best Canadian and International writing available on the Internet today. But the magazine cannot take the next logical steps without help.

The scope of Writer's Cramp has grown tremendously over the years and will continue to grow in the future, with a little help from our friends. This has always been a not for profit endeavor, so the only way our growth can be realized is through self promotion and self generation.

A $25 donation to Writer's Cramp earns you your choice of any e-Book from our Bookshop.




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