The Harrow

You will enjoy visiting The Harrow. It's a magazine of dark and sometimes shocking fiction. The stories are other worldly and the poetry is among the best. The Harrow is a long established and most respected name in the world of Internet Magazines. We recommend you visit.

Skydancers is a wonderful surprise. If you enjoy the images in the Writer's Cramp Gallery, you will fall in love with these. This is an artist whose magical vision must be glimpsed by visiting her site and seeing for yourself. Words, as big as they are, are not enough.

Angry Sponge
Greetings and welcome to the deep, wide world of AngrySponge . . . What sort of material is this? What's it about? It ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, the Alpha to the Omega of the throbs of experience, inhabited by unusually ordinary - and extraordinarily usual - people, places, things, even times.

Interner Canada

Internet-Canada is a Canadian web hosting company. Our goal is to provide no-hassle, reasonably priced web site hosting for Canadian businesses. It started in British Columbia and has spread across Canada to every province and territory.

Arts Link - Arts Directory

Speculative Fiction Centre
"The soul sets its own horizon..." --Alexander Dumas

Quality fiction is out there and thriving; but many talented writers are shut out, rejected by major publishers because their work does not fit into a classifiable genre or marketing niche. Those of us struggling to get a toe in the door have had to make a door of our own!

Here is a new site dedicated to the works and thoughts of another of
Writer's Cramp's talent pool of genius. Sharon is fast becoming a superstar of fiction. She's just signed a three book deal and excerpts of her first novel can be viewed from her site.

" has everything a writer needs - all in one site! Free small press directory, free competition listings, an online magazine accepting submissions online, an online store, editorial services, tips, agents, and more!"

This is a site we highly recommend for a number of reasons, not the least of which is Derek is such a talented writer. It's also a feather in our cap that he allows us at WC to publish his wonderful short stories.

Interactive Fiction -Turn the pages of a novel and you're just a spectator on the sidelines. But when you begin a Malinche work of Interactive Fiction you are the main character in another world!

"Extending Your Literary Experience..."

"For every waking moment, there is a stygian dark which trails me. I am a story teller, and there is no safe place for one whose mind is a nightmare factory..."

This is the personal website of one of our finest poets. We are proud to publish her work in the pages of Writer's Cramp and proud to call her friend.

Writer's Digest

Producers of novel writing software. Create complete stories and keep control of all the background details. Try the free demo version.

Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments... - a convenient interface to ten types of search.

Literature resources
- directory of literature related websites and discussion groups.

Canadian Authors Association.

League of Canadian Poets.

Canadian Poetry Association.