Dear Reader:

Here we go again...

It's September, now, a long time since we talked. I'm going to keep this brief; we have three new names to add to the list of Writer's Cramp contributors.

Sibernie James is a freelance writer who works for agencies and large corporations on hard-nosed marketing projects and advertorial copywriting, so it's a pleasure to offer her this outlet for her more sensitive side. In this issue you can read Sibernie's poem, Red Ribbon Road, a paean to wars and those whom they use up.

Next we have Emily Sarah Cuhna, a singer and songwriter and recently a friend of Writer's Cramp. Emily is a songwriter and an impressive poet. Yet with these luminous talents shining so brightly, she is really primarily a singer and musician of enormous stature and talent. Look for her name on the charts in the near future. Emily brings us, Even Change Stays the Same.

Our third new contributor is Norman Allan, a poet and a holistic healer. Norman Allan is a medical doctor and a doctor of philosophy, however to our purposes he is a prolific writer of very fine poetry. Norman's web site can be reached by clicking HERE. But before you go there, go inside this issue and read what he's left us, Infinite Nonsense.

And we are proud to welcome back two of our favorite writers of poetry or anything they wish to pass our way; Ronald Carpenter, who has been too long away from our pages, is back with a small piece he calls, Somehow - Somewhere - Somewhen. Please check the Archives for Ron's incredible fiction.

And Jan Oscar Hansen, who is making a huge impression of the international art and poetry world, has returned once more, with our undying gratitude and felicitations each and every time, with Nirvana and All That.

Robert G Liberty
Founding Editor
Writer’s Cramp Online Magazine