Rainy Streets - A Haiku?

RG Liberty

The leaf caught windborn
The clouds ascudding o’er head
My raincoat stolen.

The pretty-throated
Young girl caresses my thigh
Her smile pale-whiskered.

I hail a taxi
She slips in back beside me
All Adam's Apple.

Mistakes have been made
I coo to her sprouting beard
She grasps my crotch hard."

The cab driver smiles
The tranny demands money
I give up and pay.

Tomorrow morning
The newspapers are silent
I am safe once more.

My raincoat appears
The following week on a
Homeless man in drag.

The Wind in the Crack


My knees crack when I bend
My underwear rides up the crack
I fart and stand up

Corn Flakes and Cockroaches

A cockroach walks by
Behind my bowl of corn flakes
Emerges and waves

Eyelashes to Scars

An airborne eyelash
Frozen tears streak down my cheek
Scars encase my heart