The Westerns

Let's see how long you can stay in the saddle, before you click GO, pardiner.

1. Who starred as the captain on Riverboat?

2. Who played Zorro in the 1940s classic?

3. Who played the Disney TV Zorro?

4. What was the name of Zorro's silent partner?

5.Who supplied the voice for Matt Dillon in the radio show Gunsmoke?

6. What was the name of the Marshal in the TV show The Rifleman?

7. Who played the part?

8. What was the name of the Cisco Kid's horse?

9. Who played Pancho?

10. Who were the male leads in the movie Shane (not counting the whiny de Wilde kid?

11. Who played the prime villain?

12. What was his "Menace"-ing name in the flick?

13. Who did he gun down first? Hint ~ muddy street, very drunk, very short actor.

14.Who really shot Liberty Valence?

15.Who played Liberty?

16. In the same movie, who said the words, "I'll git it Libbidy," and was promptly delivered a mouth full of boot leather by our hero for his failure to communicate?

17. What was Jock Mahoney's first series and who was his Little Buddy?

18. Who played Josh Randall on Wanted - Dead or Alive?

19. Who played Hobey Gilman on Trackdown?

20. Whose business card read Have Gun - Will Travel?

21. Who played Rowdy Yates?

22. Who portrayed Bat Masterson and what was his weapon of choice?