Carrion Fly and Honeybee

Swami Sampurnananda

It was born in corruption; it fed on death
Gorged over the length and breadth
Of that long breathless body
And flourished on putrid mortality
Its stings knew their business well
Guiding another body to its end

A bumble bee on it’s nectarine way
Stopped a bit. Had something to say
The fly had no time, its mouth fair busy
The bee went away sighing in pity
Something stirred within the fly
It mused, ‘that bee, just passes by
Welcome table, red meat ripped
Where does it go, to other mouths, in darkness?

But the taste, sights and smells of blood
Soon the flea’s dull senses drugged
It sups and sleeps and finds its mate
Its world of flesh ne’er to satiate
Amidst it’s fool life all dead and dull
It thought of the bee for a moment still
 It looked up; sure the bee was there again
This time the fly followed in its train
As it flew it felt a proboscis growing 
It glided along, sat on a lotus flowering

I’m that flea, it hit hard, I blinked
Crash. I woke. Everything clicked
I’m on the look out for those rare honey bees
Sure will come to me, though far away as seven seas.