Swash, Buckle
and Swing

1. Ron Ely. Need we say more...? Okay, Doc Savage. We said it.

2. Elmo Lincoln. 1910. Even before Buster Crabbe!

3. Jon Hall. Yes Jon, not John. Not only could he not act, he couldn't spell.

4. Doctor Bob was his sidekick. A great guy for pulling out poison darts and insisting on the right jungle leaves as dressings, but even he couldn't doctor the script.

5. Little John, whose true name was John Little (that clever Robin Hood, to transpose so obvious a name) was played by Gilligan's best buddy's dad, Alan Hale, Senior.

7. The evil Prince John was portrayed with silken style by Claude Raines.

8. Olivia DeHaviland, who still won't talk to her feuding sister, Joan Fontaine, played Maid Marion.