A Visitor at the Snowy Heights

Swami Sampurnananda


A Visitor at the snowy heights
She dances o'er the mountain range
At her nude presence
There blooms a freshness
That fills the mountain air
As Her feet kissThe soft stage of snow
Streams burst to freedom
Their fun and merriment
Echo over ranges

Flanked by mountain's daughters
Of many songs and dances
She dances her way down
To the foothills and the plains

A visitor at the snowy heights
She dwells in plains and foothills

As a mother rests
In the late morn
Infant at her breasts,
And gazing far beyond
The notes of Her song
Play in mother's heart
And its sweet strains
Holds her in thrall
At Her tender touch
Breasts bloom in fullness
And their fragrance
Fills the infant's heart

A little girl in rags
Carries on her hip
Her little child brother
And tries and tries to feed him
His wildly roving eyes
Chance upon her face
And gazes open-mouthed
Beholding Her dance
The sister slips the food in
And as the ailing mother
Looks at the daughter
She fills her eyes
And floods her heart

With arms round the other
As two merry boys
Swing from a swing
The cadences of Her song
Rise and fall along
In their happy hearts

With sister in the front
A brother rides a bike
On a shady road
In a silent valley
And mountains loom afar
As the brother listens
To the sister's chatter
Through her lips She slips
And floods the silent vale
With Her cooling freshness
And as the brother drives on
She stays in his silence

As boys gather
By a mountain pool
Into Her open arms
They run and plunge themselves
And as they have their food
She fills it with Her flavour

At a river bank
As a lover waits
For her heart's beloved
She creeps near in stealth
And stabs the girl at heart
She draws the dagger out
The girl writhes in pain
And as the lovers meet
She fills their hands and hearts

Oh ! In a thousand homes
She dwells in the plains
Where people meet
With not a shred of cover
There She dances nude

Sure, they want Her mad
But dare not see Her nude
They shrink from Her light
Run into a house
And close the doors tight
And yet in groups they gather
To rave and revel in
The rare rays of light
That find their way in
They dare not see her straight
But gaze in wonder at
The sprinkling of Her light
Sparkling in the skies.

Dwelling in darkness
They behold a sudden flash
Of blinding brilliance
Hushed and awed, though,
A long single moment,
Next moment they shriek
And turn their eyes away
The Maiden smiles to Herself
And dims her nakedness
With flowing robes and gold
The eyes that turned away
Open to the dimness
They turn to look again
With fear and longing great

In mute wonder they see
A paragon of beauty
Lustrous in gold
Clothed in shining silks
Hearts eased and pleased
They burst into songs
With more gold and silks
They deck Her with love

Ah, little do they know,
That Her nakedness
Adores Her ornaments
And shines through the silks
While the silks and gold
Twining around Her
Bask in stolen glory.

Swami Sampurnananda