Visions of Never Ending Dreams

Karen Canning



Insecurities of his mind
cast out the chains that suffocate,
control can only breed resent
and fear rides on the back of dreams.
Another internal scar bleeds
to drown out the pain.
Eyes that once sparkled
glare in total emptiness,
a smile can be penned
with a thin line of makeup.
Lessons can be learned
but never are,
the glass slowly empties,
drop by drop,
until a hollow vessel sounds
and tears cry back
in the dead of night.
What more can be wanted?
Her death,
then they could truly mourn.


Visions of Never Ending Dreams

Nestling in the arms of a lover,
sunlight catching the crystals
in the far off window
sending forth rainbow dancers
across the prisms of floating dust.
Sweet music softly playing,
maybe an old forty-five
from gramophone days,
slow and dreamy notes of echoes past.
Laying together on the patchwork quilt,
listening to forever's,
searching each other's souls
for eternity's essence.
Poetry books open
at musty old pages
where masters penned their muse.
Ticking of the clock
that pulsates along side
a heartbeat of memories.
Gentle touches enticing visions,
love was their best friend
and love was their enemy,
but on this day of dream light phase
nothing else mattered,
their eyes said it all,
body language mimicked paradise,
as the whole room
rang with the sounds
of everlasting love.


Deep Sorrow

Yesterday was the day of deepest sorrow,
tears of hell fell from her face,
reminders of the past crawling over her flesh.
So numb, impaling her heart
would let bleed the demon's wish.
She let him go, walked away from a thousand miseries,
yet he still inflicted the final blow
for he knew where to kill her the deepest.
Only one voice could stop her trembling limbs
the same voice ease the pain of decades
he spoke to her spirit, often in whispers
and she listened.
Slowly the violent storm turned to gentle rain,
tomorrow in this lifetime, her body will die.
No one could take away her blackened veil,
make her smile, or find the person that lay beneath.


Golden Cut

I took a pair of golden scissors today
gazed upon the coldness they would bring
for I cut the thread of life
that held you close.
Watching in my mind as you
turned from black to invisible
letting go of a mirage that
tormented my soul.
Reality never knocked upon
your door that night,
yet you always sent banshee wolves
to mine, stripping bare my flesh,
never replenishing anything you robbed.
Today you surfaced from the darkest pit
and I knew the time was right.
I sent back the balloon filled
with your empty promises, when it bursts
I will vanish from your thoughts
leaving a void,
no longer do I live by your side
goodbyes are now forever.


Just for a few hours

For a few hours out of a lifetime
I was yours, to hold and caress.
The whole world stood still for us,
nothing else mattered that day.
The clouds just hovered gently
as the wind whispered our names.
Those hours could have been eternity
captured as an essence to draw upon
when loneliness calls.
Now I sit here and write the words,
remembering your taste, reliving
your touch of silk, and holding
on to a memory, one we will
always share.
Where the next destiny takes us
is already written, long before our births,
I have no answers to give,
all I know is, I captured a moment
and I hold it to my heart forever.


Kiss of a Serpent

Maybe she had been barely visible
only words seen and read from afar
were her only way of communication,
yet never had she approached.
Many times he had raped her mind
with words of passionate dreams,
now the time was ripe
to enter his world and capture his soul.
Slithering with such grace
along the cool wooden floor of his room,
upon his mattress of contentment where
he lay sleeping, just as she suspected.
Gracefully, silently unnoticed
along the length of his body she rose,
his dream world so easy to permeate,
a mind open and susceptible to thoughts.
Slowly she made love with all the powers
of a wanton maiden,
watching his eyelids flicker
as the waves of passion
reached their peaks.
She longed to be his true lover,
before leaving, a bite of venom she left,
not of poison may I add,
but the purest essence of erotic wine.
Her task now complete,
serpent body spent and used,
again she left him, yet was so close by,
curled tightly in one tiny corner of his room
she hibernates, waits and hopes
her bite would send him
on the journey to find eternal love,
the spell cast on her in the garden of Eden
could only be broken by his lips.