The Touch

RG Liberty


With the excitement of a cardinal sin,
With the immediacy of an act of nature
With the electricity of a stab of pain,
We come together.

With the appetite of an age of suppression,
Torn asunder, coaxed and rent,
Spilling upon a quivering leg
A projected silver stream trailing all objections
High up into the air above us.
We come together.

All reticence, all protests to propriety
You take the jetting quicksilver comet into your mouth,
Steal it from the very air,
And gurgle and mewl and sigh and laugh
To feel so much love enter your sphere after so many years.
(Protested years, empty years, years without hunger or sating.)

So you smile, looking up prettily, swallowing hungrily
The quickly slowing silver trail.

I watch you.
Your eyes.
They speak volumes in your smile.
I feel my soul melt into yours
And expand to fill you.
As you grow into me
And fill me.

I photograph your actions in my mind for a future moment,
When neither of us may remember
How it really can be.
How sensation can supplant truth,
How electrified desire
Can override the initial doubt
Of who was really where, when,
And who was really enjoying whom.

But we can choose to remain within this embrace.
We can stop asking those questions
Meant to reaffirm our resolve
To fortify against a perceived closure
That need not manifest.

We can choose to trust again.

Our perceptions are learned behavior.
An expected pose.
We can choose not to accept them,
And therefore render them insubstantial,

Because it is we who are real.
We who have found this love,
Where it has been laying fallow
For all these years;
Awaiting an electric touch from you to me,
From my heart to your soul,
My lips to your lips.

We need not convince ourselves of this love;
We are no longer alone.
You realize you need no further assurances
As you recognize a certain look in my impish eye
And watch as I trail down your length
To the place you have rediscovered
And strain to meet my tender kiss
And smile to know my kiss is long
And lingering
And deep
And sweet

And you mewl and sigh and embrace my warmth
To feel so much love enter your sphere again tonight.
To know I am yours again tonight

And I breathe you into my soul.
Smile as I taste your heart,
And know you are mine.

RG Liberty