The Inheritors



If you find
A handprint
On a cave's
It might be
Or another
Poet's who
Wrote for
The love of
Life and
To keep
The shadows
Of the long
At bay.

(Painting by Caravaggio)

Cupid is dirty cupid is dead, eaten by
the syphilis he smeared on his arrows.
Lustful whore masters, dancing with
death, each ejaculation and orgasmic
scream is the beginning of the biggest
evacuation. Copulation and death, then

The Inheritors

Saddle backed skinny horses look as they are pondering a philosophical question, pulling carts full of smiling children with Gipsy blond hair, which darkens as they grow up. When adults they will stop smiling to strangers having learned that the world at large is not to be rusted.

They have stopped for a few days to rest in a field near my home, sleep under dirty canvas and plastic sheets, this is a group of Gipsies who are not willing to give up their nomadic life. Modest existence but they'll continue to make leisurely progress through a new days long after we have gone

To Squirrels Everywhere

Grey squirrels have taken over the woods near our village, posh people call it a forest red squirrels had to leave in a hurry leaving their larder behind, now they live behind walls in kind people's garden existing on handouts. The grey squirrel believes in Freedom, the freedom to expand, invades and occupy any ones forest to protect their supply of nuts.

The chief grey squirrel, the one with the bushiest tail, talks about democracy and peace and says that if every one spoke the same language had the same god and ate the same type of nuts there would be no war, but it has to be his way because he is a freedom lover has an army of unskilled nut pickers who can be turned into warriors by promise them full citizenship.

The Grand People

He is a bishop in the Anglican Church, pompous and very grand yet he's only the chief fairy tale teller who doesn't even believe in the stories he tells. His brother is a consultant wears striped suits and dislike being called dr. He's like his brother cynical, yet think he's grand when he really is a man who makes a living looking into peoples bum pronouncing his opinion not much different from what an ordinary doctor would have done. The only faith these two men have is greed and social ranking, laugh in their face and you'll see a murderous rage that will not be soothed until you're destroyed, but they can only destroy you if you believe that they are superior to you and if you think so you are be better off doffing your hat, the pompous like that.

A fountain In Naples
(Caravaggio Actually)

In a grimy street in Naples once, grubby streets attract me, as do places where low life is lived in the open. A boy of thirteen tried to steal my wallet, but I grabbed and held him firmly him till he stopped struggling, then I let go.

He smiled made a rude sign, walked off, turned and smiled again like an inviting whore. I felt soiled washed my hands in a fountain that had water sprouting out of the mouth of a dolphin, astride the dolphin a smirking boy sat.