Terry Sargeant


Faces in a Crowd


Faces in a Crowd
In a cave.
Deep underground.
Their faces showing their shattered dreams.
Despair written across all of their faces.
Holding crying children close to their hearts.
Some are wounded.
Some are crippled.
Some are dead.

A nameless face of a child screams for his mother.
Another yells out, his face filled with unanswered rage.
Two lovers embrace in a hold that dares defy death.
A dog howls out, having the same hunger as his human companions.
A baby cries.
Many mourn.
A hush falls upon them all.
I approach.
Their eyes look up, filled with tears, expecting answers to questions I can not answer.

Answers to what is left above the cave.
How can I tell them there is nothing left.
Tell them that I caused the destruction of their planet with a push of a button.



Delving the depths of one mind's edge
Trying to divine the crime
Figuring the reason behind the deceit
That would make a hungry man blind

Letting slip the reason
Removing the mask
A true face shines through
And destroys the facade's repast
A glorious moment revealed in my pain
We bond closer as the night weaves on

Living all of the fruitful past
Before we realize it has all gone

Clutching tightly against the future
Breathing the exact moment of time
Relaxing energy to fill the soul
We at last fill in to our sign




a fantasy song of D'Shakla


On the Isle of D'Shakla
Chaos covers the land
An ancient race is starving
The time of darkness is at hand

And mother sea cries
for her child

As the masters of their race
The Kelarins created their fires
Making mystical magic weapons
From their heroes funeral pyres

And mother sea cries
for her child

The weapons that they created
Were held aloft for all to see
Then were cast with the hatred of their hunger
Into the very heart of the sea
And mother sea cries
for her child
Deep in the folds of the water
A beautiful whale is struck from above
And the water goddess feels great sorrow
The Kelarins have killed her greatest love

And mother sea cries
for her child

So now the ocean screams out her anger
And pounds pure fury onto the sand
Letting no land creature sail away
And killing anything that comes from the land

And mother sea cries
for her child
And mother sea cries
for her child



The End