Raindrops and Others



Raindrops plop into the pool
Erupt, burst into waves
Race across the mortal hour.
Collide, subside are no more
Beached on deaths' regal shore

A Late Summer Afternoon
in the Park

to blind
shallow pools.

Bird song dies in the childless silence
Twig and leaf tremble in the deep glade
Water lilies pry on untidy rushes and
dented coke cans.

Knitted insects fight
the dangerous, still air
biting into the coming night.

The still water troubles on and on
carrying my dead, white swan.


Magic Moments

In that moment
when you both know.
Hands tremble, hearts flush
and minds fuck.

Bravely, so bravely the self is spent
on love that can only be lent

Already, the scythe of fate
is swinging, swinging...
My heart is sowing, sowing..
a harvest of fresh hate.


Spring sun warms brown earth
Raindrops paint leaf and stem green
Rainbows bruise young hearts
A Child's Garden
I'll never forget the day
when i buried dad's pay
I thought he would be quite pleased
to see our money worries eased

Strangely he got quite cross
but i didn't give a toss
'Cos in that magic ground
my penny turned into a pound

The Perfect Pet

I won't pee
on your Persian
pile, bugger a Labrador
thrice my own small size
or put my head on your knee
I don't smell
scratch, bark or sneeze.
I'm modern, plastic
and so clean -
Ideal for the modern flat.
I greet everyone the same -
Made by those clever

First Love

We spoke
my song awoke.
Joined hands
forgot times' sand

When lips brushed
heaven hushed.
Made love anew
and then God grew.

Year by year

Slate by slate
Brick by brick
Pew by pew
They're binning my old chapel.

Boy by boy
Girl by girl
Friend and foe

My life is going, going

The Shopper's Prayer

Our father who art in Detroit
Borrowed be thy credit
Thy plastic come
Thy profit be done
In England as it is in America.
Flog us this day our daily joy
Forgive our moderation as we forgive
Those who make do and mend
Lead us not into abstinence
But deliver us from thrift
For thine is the brand name, image and fame
On the never, never.


Blue on Blue

Shock 'n' Awe, Shock 'n' Awe
The new improved type of war.
This new world will shine
Polished by a shell whine.
It'll be over in a week
Not harm the meek.

Father, Son and Holy Host
Sound man's Last Post.
Their mighty hand
To blast alien sand.
Friend and Foe must fall
We'll kill them bloody all,
Now, that's Democracy