Pretty Boil



Living with a reality challenged, albeit severely brilliant wife I'd drawn the conclusion that reality shifters are amongst us and always have been. I also determined to track down the head of the Southern Ontario reality shifters and, not incidentally, find if there be any association with the editor of this rag.

Found her, I believe. Imelda Gomez lives at 79 Spadina Rd., 2nd. Floor, no curtains or drapes, so surveillance from across the street is quite easy.

Lives alone. Thirty to thirty-five. Slender. Five - ten or so. Raven hair. Seldom changes in front of the window. Budgie.

Fortunately I'd taken a correspondence course in lip reading in '95. Good marks.

Watching the budgie talk, and bear in mind this is from some eighty yards or so away, through a pair of Zeiss 30X, he seems to be saying over and over, "Pretty boil, Pretty boil". Now the 'pretty' part is obviously self referential, as he's bopping up and down in front of a small round mirror. But the 'boil' part beats the heck out of me.

Is it Imelda or is it the budgie? Until I figure out 'boil' I don't know how to proceed. Suggestions?

The End

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