Music of Love



Your musky smell tingles my nose.
Fresh breeze through an open window?
Your eyes look deep into mine.
I imagine you in my glassy mirror.
I press against your sultry body.
My pillow aches in pain.
A touch of downy skin.
I caress my stain sheets.
Whispered promised.
Is the TV on?
We slow-dance to Haydn,
On my alarm clock.



Blissful Delirium

Darksome abyss.
Intoxicating eyes;
Dusty blue addiction,
Hazy broken eggshells.
Palatable strawberries.
Juicy rubescence.
Lollipop kiss.
Saline howl.
Crimson glare.
Brimming with want.
Starving lustful appetite.
Silver desire.
Realizing kismet.
Rousing aura of breath.
Sinking touch.
Love falling deep.
Apologetic dawn.


Gone But Not Forgotten

I still have your picture.
The one you penned, "I love you" on.
I sit and stare at it sometimes,
When I have nothing better to do.
It is black and white.
I see it in colour.
Your frenzied brown hair.
I used to run my fingers through it,
As I picked it up off the floor.
Your beautiful hazel eyes.
I saw my future in them once,
While I wiped them clean of tears.
Your strong shoulders,
They carried so much upon them,
until they carried the world.
If only you had known,
I loved you too.



Bliss Elevated

Your flesh glistens in candlelight.
Eve's dusky grin a memory.
You encircle my core.
Aglow in my pulsing aura.
A kiss held long and slow.
Rejuvenating surge.
Trustful joyous tears,
Ebb from pores once closed.
Brisk sighs of enlightenment.
Enrich me.
Throughout - Within.



I kneel down upon my stinging knees,
staring fixedly into the blue above.
I need mercy. No heaven shall be there for me.
No hell beneath my feet.
I fight not with the gods, nor ask forgiveness from a demon.
I beg of myself.
For there is not pity from gods or devils,
when the blame rests in unrest upon one's very own soul.


Sinister Shade

Its facade was not one that I accepted
A vague instinctual figure.
Holding me from the blistering floor.
Animus, anima
Pure Confusion.
Effigy of a woman just like me.
She stood deserted, withdrawn,
A fierce egotist,
Sadistic valour flowing over.
The reunion grew sour,
I glanced away.
Spared my humility,
Looked back to appraise,
Conviction in honour.
I faced the embryonic evil,
Unconscious insight.
Worst side -
I failed to observe.
Distorted fantasy.
Malevolent lips,
I'll never believe.
Caustic hands,
I'll never hold.
Beneath the surface,
Steaming out the cracks,
Before exploding,
Into who I really am.