A Little Ian Little


Ian Little




White light washing
Over my psyche showing
Me things I don't
Want to see much
Less acknowledge.
The knowledge
The seeing
The belief
The being
What is real
And what
really matters?
Is it the dawn of
The day or the
Twilight of the
Does it really matter
And does anybody really care?


Untitled II
A moment is here
And then it is gone
That's when the moment must be
Acted on
Second chances
First opinions
Less is found in missed moments
Than lost horizons
Destiny and fate are
For those who cannot see the signs
And take the moment


Untitled III

Barnacles can be ornery
Or so I am told
Lip service beneath the
Flood line
Lower than the air can go
To breathe
To give life
The water
The sea
The oceans
A new world
A life different
A life indifferent to that above
From yours and mine
Only in our world



The End