The Early Years



The heavens sigh and there is the Wind.
The cool, clear, voice of God that awakens
Exciting the spirit as it caresses the regions
Of Nature's endless beauty.
Singing to the imagination songs
Of murmured peace and raging passion.
Upraising the soul
To revel in the infinite essence.
The Wind ~
Whose laughter beckons Man
To be free of his prison and ride the eternal wave,
And travel through myriad lands
Of dazzling splendor and heart-felt awe.
To journey across the night of crystalline skies,
To search out the wonders of the unknown
And gaze upon its mysteries.
And to reach out and touch
The Mind of God



Terror reigns in London Town
This night of pain and blood.
Piled high are bodies round and round
Mid pestilence and mud.

The Crier's voice can now be heard
In monotones of dread,
"Ye may survive this hellish night
"By ringing out your dead."

That rats mean plague and plague means death
Has all too true been found.
To end this filth and agony,
Burn London to the ground.

The plague has struck and they that live
Have naught to do but cry.
The smell of fire and burning flesh
Swirls madly to the sky.

The black of night made red with flame
Is seen from earth to Hell.
The scurrying rats and screaming slime
Ring clear as Satan's Bell.

To run, to flee, to be away
From all this mindless sin.
And pray for those we've left behind,
The dead who moan within.

The Last Day

Five days before the Last
I felt the killing wind;
That screamed throughout the longest night
The world had seen begin.

Four days before the Last
I heard the mountains cry;
The monstrous crack of splitting rock
As continents fell by.

Three days before the Last
I smelled the roaring flame;
That coursed the earth in rivulets
Of death that had no shame.

Two days before the Last
I touched my love's still breast;
Her beauty softly glowing still,
Her spirit gone to rest.

One day before the Last
I saw the sky explode;
It dried my eye to crystal dust
That scattered in the cold.

And on the day that was the Last
The Eldritch Gods appeared;
And wept to see what we had wrought
The madness they had feared.




And safe within your quietude
You burn in more a silent mood
In fires grown dark, but searing still
The future forged by act of will   

The fate of ages deftly sealed
By hammer strikes of power wield

And cared you not of spirits cast
In human stone long eons past  

Who walk beneath celestial gloom
Unwary of their perfect doom   

Who joyously embrace the light
Unmindful of approaching night   

But reparations must be made
And death the price you've ordered paid

For life's sweet breath must have a cost
And only paid when life is lost

So endlessly you nod your head
To mark the never ending dead

While safe within your solitude
You smile now in
a brighter mood

Marigolds and Roses

Sing to me a silly song
A silly song of justice.

Your smile bespeaks the tears
The hardship of the years.

Pray me now a silly prayer
A silly prayer of salvage.

A warming touch of cheek to breast
Shall bring my soul to gentle rest.

Laugh with me a silly laugh
A silly laugh derisive.

Your whispered breath to brush my ears
Will disenchant my growing fears.

Cry me now a silly cry
A silly cry of mourning.

Your liquid eyes a loving nest
The hangman's rope my final test.

Hush me now a silly tale
A silly tale all quiet.

But shed no tear, my silken bride
'Tis judgment day, I cannot hide.

Instead of weeping, all to see
Enjoin with me, be ever free.

And lift your spirits evenly
To love and to remember me.

A hail to all life's decent molds
And all its proper poses

But sing me now, my pretty girl
Of Marigolds and Roses.



Young Soldiers Brave

The battles rage through day and night,
Young soldiers brave, to wage the fight.
To ball and powder they attest,
Whose fiery bite their only rest.

Their swords are dampened scarlet red,
Young soldiers brave, whose lives are shed.
A nation's honor to defend;
Their country free until the end.

While cannons echo through the years,
Young soldiers brave, cry out their fears.
So little time to know a name,
To Death's embrace, each one the same.

Again, again the horses fall,
Young soldiers brave, crushed one and all.
No more to march the bloodied earth,
Beneath a sky of doubtful worth.

The flames of War flash burning-bright,
Young soldiers brave, will die tonight.
Machine guns spray and mortars flare,
The years have learned to lay life bare.

The sun may rise, a new world dawn.
Young soldiers brave, may walk along
A path of freedom, hope and peace
When all antagonisms cease.

Their blood to buy a gentler song
Young soldiers weep till war is gone.
No more to walk the wounded face
Of a world by hate embraced.


my cup

I carry much on this scattered journey

I bought immortality through the birth of
my children
mindful of the peril I bequeathed them
in giving them life

yet without their promise despair, fear, anger and confusion are my only companions

together our glasses are raised in mocking cheer
looking knife-wise inwards at the soul of empty spaces and human traces
alone and longing for the filling again
with a happier time

I seek only a share on this bitter journey
I fill my eyes with the wonder of things
far from my reach yet teasingly near
to the heart of my wants

but I have been blessed with a marvelous glimpse
at the splendor of life through smiling
childhood's gaze

and have felt its gleam suaging my conscience
in the balm of innocence
easing the grip of the shackles
that pinion any thought I might have of success
allowing at least hope

still I need much to continue this journey
memory now is a second hand tool and can hew
only a watery path through the gathering
ghosts that wail behind me and threaten
before me on my lonely way

true, need fulfilled is a hero's shield and a
blade to wield against future's loss and past's regret
gifting me with things as they were
and not as they are

even as the soul is willing and the spirit longing
my cup of sorrow grows cold at the filling

things lost fill the chalice
while things remembered poise to pour

as I try to grasp again the fullness of a happy man
of a once so hugely happy man


Amber Lee

Amber Lee, Amber Lee,
Sweet God's blessing
you shall be.

Can this perfect budding flower
Bring to me an inner power?

Is your tiny purring fright
Guiding me to lasting light?

Shall I hold you to my chest
And set your infant fears to rest?

Will you cry to me a toll
Let your music fill my soul?

Let me hold you close to me
That ever I shall always see.

Yes my darling Amber Lee,
You were sent by God
to me.


Wee Morgan Liberty

Why, fliberty, jiberty,
It's wee Morgan Liberty!

You're a tiny explosion that lights up
The room.
You're a radiant smile that arrives with
A boom.

You're a bundle of energy you flit and
You dart.
You've muscled your way right into
My heart.

Your freckles ride high on the smiles of
Your cheeks.
Your eyes hold a sparkle I cherish
For weeks.

Your laugh is a joyous expression
Of glee.
I'm grateful and happy you share it
With me.

Your questions pop up in ridiculous
"How come raccoons have those masks on
Their faces?"

You're a pint-sized Swarzenegger with two
Blazing guns,
You're a Mutant Teen Turtle with the crooks on
The run.

You're a precarious balance of giggles
And sighs,
You touch me with wonder, you fill up
My eyes.

Why, fliberty, jiberty,
There's wee Morgan Liberty

He's a big boy of five,
And I'm glad I'm alive.