Kryptonite and Cancer

Michelle Tercha ©2003


Kryptonite and Cancer

Radiation and degradation
Feast upon the frailties
of the soul
Turning memory into enemy
Virulent pollens that
circle the globe
Reach from the minuscule corners
out of dusty attics
and long forgotten baggage
to the forefront of logic
Where the seed of pain
is finally born
Respirations and connotations
Stifle imagination and conservation
Incurable disease
christen the dead
and kill the credible
Malignancy grows
in spite of the benevolent
Evil attaches, killing the lucid
leaving the demented
to battle Luthorian malcontents


The light shines brightly
more than my weary eyes can bear.
The walls are crisp white.
The light bounces off the ghosts
like an eternal ricochet.
Where am I?
And why am I here?
Am I being punished
for some covert wrongdoing?
I hear the voices.
The light speaks to me,
measured not in decibels,
but by the immense intensity.
I'm now blinded.
My corneas are lacerated
like I'd stared into a solar eclipse.
I think I'm trapped in the sun,
although the orb isn't scorching.
I can no longer see my memory.
My mind is an empty cardboard box.
Sockets and bone replace
eyes that have disintegrated.
And why all this?
The measurement of the darkness
in my soul, of course.

Garden of Thorns

Pain pricks at my veins
Like lion teeth needles
drawing blood
You reap what you sow
You reap what you sow
My skin is a silken
web of woven spurs
My soul is blemished
from unkindness
and sins from long ago
You reap what you sow
You reap what you sow
So I wear my
robe of thorns
and walk, burdened
by pain and
unrelenting sorrow
my head hung low
heavy with thoughts
of my blazing shroud
trying to put
myself in a stupor
but I'm walking
through the valley
with the shadow
of my death
and I've sown
what I reap

Plate Tectonics

Bone against bone
Heart against soul
Mind against brain
Pressing together
Crashing to a halt
Continents move with ease
Creeping slowly against
Time and space
And my logic is gone
My reason bereft
My heart empty
For reasons unknown
I drift uneasy
Deep in the cavern
Of the lost souls
And again,
I am nameless,
Faceless, stripped
Of my being
My sense of self
Struggles with pain
Degradation and despair
Have left me shattered
Compressed against
Horrifyingly jagged cliffsides
The edge of a lifetime
The end of my lifeline
Blurred among the
Movement of the continents


Michelle Tercha