On Hallowe'en the Autumn moon
burns cold and bright
They say.
It slips across the gathering night
shifting clouds
Of grey.


On Hallowe'en the frigid wind
blows icy 'round
The heart.
With glacial grasp wrung terror tight
it rends the soul

On Hallowe'en the graveyard rats
they play and dance
I'm told.
With evil grins and demon eyes
they scamper 'cross
The mold.

On Hallowe'en the spectral trees
they bend and grope
And lean.
And prod with branches sharp and black
where sanity
Has been.

On Hallowe'en the ancient wizards
groan to life
Through incantations foul and grim
they sere the minds
Of men.

On Hallowe'en the deathless banshees
wail throughout
The night.
The haunted souls who hear their cries
are doomed to walk
In fright.

On Hallowe'en at witching hour
the woodland ghosts
Through shifting light to darkling mists
they beckon, so
I hear.

On Hallowe'en down city streets
an evil lurks
It's said.
And children laugh until they see
the season spew
Its Dead.

On Hallowe'en the Autumn moon
is cold and bright
You see.
It rolls across the gathering night
Spirits free.