First Steps

Morgan Liberty


I Couldn't do it

I couldn't do it
I couldn't apologize
not face to face
I used what was yours
to get what I wanted.

I now know you needed it
for business and all
not only have I wronged you
but endangered you too.

For this I apologize
I've taken your place
the family will come soon
I'll tell them I'm you.

Now have a good life
don't worry about me
I've righted my wrongs

We may meet again
though not for a while
now that I've said this
I can pass with a smile


The Night

When the darkness falls
The mind goes to work
Creating the haunting shadows
That encompass our dreams

I despise the night
For the night represents fear.


Trapped, a feeling no-one should feel
Unfortunately for me fate would see fit
To force-feed me the bitterness of being trapped

I remember the daylight
The warmth that it had
I wish I were worthy once more
To bask in it's warm, warm gaze
Unfortunately for me fate would see fit

Modern Day Sacrifice

Out manned
Out gunned
Out numbered
And liking it

This is how I grew up
Watching TV and movies
Good guy's always coming out on top
It didn't look hard

I joined up to fight
I felt like a hero
Training was tough
But the reward would be enough

To be named a hero
That was my dream
To fight like those before me
And be praised in return

Now the time has come
To do what I must
To survive in the jungle-
The movies are wrong

We were cornered today
My unit lost
My best friend John
His body I found

I wanted to run
My legs wouldn't allow
I pondered the reason
Then dared to look down

The bright light now takes me
This poem's all I have
To remember another useless war
That only serves as a modern day sacrifice.


M adness ensues
I n the midst of midnight.
D evilish shadows lurking in every
N arrow corridor.
I ntolerable terror hangs above your head like a goblin in flight.
G raveyard bones playing in the background, but not louder than the
H eart that beats wildly in your chest.
T o be alone at midnight, not a wise decision, is this.

Diamontés for your soul

Warm, Comfortable
Safe, Revealing, Enticing
Happy, Loving-Cold, Frightening
Hidden, Worrisome, Panic
Sad, Frigid

Energetic, Active
Moving, Breathing, Alive
Trees, Plants - Lifeless, Suffocation
Inanimate, Cold, Sorrow
Still, Broken

How to Look at Trees

A young sapling; blowing in the wind, bending, turning, playing.
The sapling is thin, durable, and flexible.
It sways with the wind and lulls all creatures to sleep with the rustlings of its leaves.
It braves the most horrendous of storms, and grows from the experience.
As it gets older it takes on the responsibility of protecting and providing for the creatures.
It grows to be mighty, and defies the wind by standing against it.
But even the strongest of trees can't defeat the wind when the wind blows with all its force.
From a feeble sapling to a strong, sturdy tree, the grown tree does wish it were a sapling at some points though.
After all even the strongest of trees still remember when they could blow with the wind, instead of stand by and watch the leaves play.
The tree grows older with time and has nothing to do, but watch the younger saplings grow, and play in the wind.


The snow falls steady
Gracefully and yet confused
Blanketing the earth
Hoarding the sun's light and warmth
The earth is left blind and cold


Darkness, all around
Blocking all sight like dense umbra
Can the moon shine bright
And lift the shroud of darkness
Or does darkness reign supreme?

Bump in the Night

The bump in the night
That wakes you from your slumber
It hides in shadow
Ever watching always there
Behind its veil of darkness.


It's always a pleasure to see the beginnings of a writer's world, his burgeoning grasp on what he intends to say, what first tentative steps he takes in order to say it. We all begin as idealistic young people trying to share our worlds with those around us. When they listen, sometimes we go on to become writers.