Escorts 'R' Me



She looked up at me from across the room, a smile in her eyes and on her lips. "Thanks," she said.
     "My pleasure," I assured. "Leave your card, I'll DataBase you so there's no wait next time. Fill out the  same requirements as today and Bob's your Uncle."
     "I love you," she said. "Wouldn't YOU rather be my uncle?"
     "Hey, I don't do this alone."
     "Right," she giggled, "whose the boss." She shifted her ample hips out from under me and maneuvered, rather clumsily I thought, from my position in the wall, to the OxyMat beside my bed. As she stood up as far as she was able, she raised those parts of herself that she was able to manage alone and contact was reversed in a soft whirr, as her molecular discharges were reoriented and reseated. Stains removed, static eliminated. I stayed on the bed. This time I thought I'd smoke a cigarette, but the DataBase coughed up only a 2-B Pencil, snapped at the middle. Close again, but of course no cigarette. And where would I put it anyhow?
     She stayed beside the bed as the OxyMat shut down and waited. I mentally smacked my forehead realizing this was her first time at a SmootheOperator DisQuonnec. "MeeTwo," I snapped, "Get the lady's wrap."
     MeeTwo grunted as I pulled myself away from the plasma screen, hit pause with a dirty thought, and  hobbled over to the closet for the "Lady's" wrap. She sidled coyly, first into one half of her cartilage, and  then into the other, and MeeTwo closed my arms around her, sealing her safely from the contamination outside the DisQuonnec. MeeTwo performed a blind bow, bumping my surrogate head on the edge of the door as I held it open for her. I forget what I yelled, but it was a keeper and I'll have MeeFour reset the disc tomorrow, just so I don't lose it. Hell, it's in the walls, why pretend I have to do anything.
     MeeThree silently and ritualistically brought over the session disc and inserted it into my peneal drive.

 MeeSix extended my right index vestige and pushed the orgasm bud. The familiar flood of sensations engulfed me while the others began their assigned tasks, touching and fumbling, striving and forgetting, all over again. As it should be.
     MeeFive dutifully approached with the saline wash to bathe my exposed temporal ridges. Nearly dehydrated saline, thickly viscous, mixed with a rich placental mucus is best for coating any area open to thought for any longer that it takes to service a client. The orgasm would be spammed to the client's Bridge Party later that evening, following a delicate edit - and confirmation of receipt of credit deposit.
     Now, let's see what MeeTwo was making me watch on the plasma screen.

The End