And Others


The Apparition

I saw her in a dream
beckoning me
to the other side
lovely shades of ivory
veiled her transparent being
and I awoke
to see her beside my bed
reaching for my hand
faceless behind her veil
in lovely shades of ivory
I contemplated
taking her hand
to leave my earthly pain
and join the unknown
In the beat of my heart,
heavy with the emptiness
of no tomorrow
I'll make my leap
faceless and veiled
in lovely shades of ivory

Purity In Liquid Shades Of Red

Another empty night passes
giving way to the break of day
Another stolen moment of passion
collides with dismissal
The sound waves from my
beating heart shatter glass
and I am cut, torn to
shreds as vats of calcified
liquid runs to the floor
I see the open wounds
of my heart fester, as it
blisters and pops to the
faint drumming of the
last remnants of blood
rushing through the vague
arteries of my conscious being
The throb of my temple
disquiets the voices that
wonder if it is really me who is
spurned, or the passion of night

The Bone Vault

My secrets loom
against the shadow
of pain, locked away
in the quiet places
in my mind.
I've shamed so many
in my thoughtless
deliberation of madness,
and I only regret what I
don't understand. If fire
were to consume me,
the bones of my soul
would linger in the ashes
of my existence. I'll
never be free, for my
demons run too close
to my skin, a sweater
in the heat of summer.
The only way to cope
with the enormous pain
of past shames is to
glaze them in a kiln
of remembrance,
something for me to
grasp. So they remain,
my past ills, in the bone
vault of my soul.

Steel Rain

Rain is pouring down
steely sheets of
metallic mirrors,
decaying youth,
and dementia.
Pain shoots out
of limbs with
umbrellas of
shame to shield
against the rain.
A stream of thoughts
present and conscious,
of misdeeds and
of every facet of life.
Stabbing shards
of clanging
tears fall from
an ionic sky,
beaming from clouds
of uncertainty,
leaving the stench
of bitterness in the air.

Papier-Mache' Moons

In this freakish display
of simplicity
where suns never shine
and moonlight is dawn
Time stands still
yet moves faster
with every
duplicitous move
Puppets dance
and spirits freeze
stuck in the diorama
of life's absurdity
Waiting for a train
to hurtle off the tracks
a death knell among
the living
Freedom rains on every wim
dying in the desert
of obscurity
Watching the sky
under fake moons
and longing for
that final moment
to come at last

Trapped In Terror

Destruction descends
upon my weakened soul
and my mind is feasting
on its own torment.
How do I live
another day
knowing I need
to run away
from everything I know
and everyone I love?
Nightmares are the
zenith of my existence.
The terror imploding
my heart
does no less
damage to me
than those I touch.
Madness has struggled
to claim me whole,
and in this battle
I've lost it all.
I need to run
and know I can't.
I'm lost to the torment
that's consumed me at last.