dusky, foggy, leaden skies
flickering street lamps
pink horizon kisses
the blue-black edges
of the earth
whispering goodbye
as it bleeds
into space
gusty winds titter as they rush by
pointing discretely to the absurdities below

headlights stutter at a stop sign
blinking the rain
the automobile is a
brittle shell
protecting the lives encased within
roaring sometimes with dangerous

until the rain blinds all eyes
and the shell crumples
and shears
spewing its humanity
onto the slick road

other fragile shells slow
to blink at the gore-slick rain
changing color
beneath their squealing tires

and confident their humanity
is safe
and not exposed
and dripping

in the flashing lights
as the knowing winds blow rain
to wash the lives
off the edge of the earth

hissing goodbye
under the wail of sirens
as they bleed
into space

İRG Liberty
Fall, 1982