A Time for Reflection


My Woman

My Woman…calls me.
Blue eyes reflecting light
her shadow dancing in the night
I reach out, I'm taken in,
She . . . finds me.
My Woman…heals me.
With kisses warm and deep.
Wet and willing lips so soft
skilled at making dreams come true.
She…knows me.
My Woman…wants me.
Casting inhibitions to the wind
her passion, a fire without apology.
Bronze skin glistening under moonlight,
She…amazes me.
My Woman…loves me.
Mysterious as Madonna's smile
changing like a thousand summer suns.
I run to feel her heat,
She … completes me.


Like a rushing tidal wave
your emotions
crashed against me.
Your words
cut into my heart.
Like a scalpel with precision.
You peeled away the layers
of all of my defenses.
I was left exposed
beaten, bruised and broken.
Drowning in your tears.
You screamed.
I was speechless.
I tried to run and hide
but there was no cover
from your pursuit.
The pain behind those
raging blue eyes
so evident and piercing
saw right through me.
You trusted me.
You loved me.
I failed you.
You demanded a Truth
I could not give you.
Because I knew
Sorry was not enough
to heal your wounds.
I knew I was Guilty
of not being
in love with you.


The Love Dance

It's a good day to be alive
free to dance upon these rocky shores.
I celebrate and soar
I keep coming back for more.
With wind and rain
pushing raging seas
against my feet.
I keep dancing, refusing to retreat.
With no regrets, no tears or lies
no necessary alibis.
I'll guide my heart toward blue skies
until a rainbow finds me.
With red sands beneath my salted wounds
I keep on dancing.
Like a moonlit silhouette
I'll keep dancing.
Like the stars that shine at night
I'll keep dancing
until the Lord turns off my light
I'll keep on dancing . . . Just for you.

Head Banger

My pen struggles on this page
searching for a way to validate
my vanity with words.
But even this confession
feels forced and trite tonight.
Twisted tortured mind
striving for perfection.
Hands shaking, Heartbreaking,
looking in, reaching out
finding nothing
but the empty space
between these lines.
Where are all the words?
Smart words, clever words,
witty words, words of wisdom,
words of hope, words of love.
I find none.
I turn off the light.
I sleep.
I dream.
I woke up this morning
found my pen
on this empty page.
Laughing at the fool
inside my head, I got up
flashed a grin then went
directly back to bed again.



Your Love
so bittersweet, replete
with pretense and sincerity.
With all its flaws and truths
revealed it is our humanity
that prevails.
Like a seed bearing fruits of heartache
you helped me grow
strong and independent
all alone.
The pain of separation
gave me time
to see myself
more clearly.
With eyes not blinded
by rage or passion.
I saw us in a different light.
Crystallized . . . forever casting shadows.
Your laughter masquerading fear
echoing the sound of hope
hidden all these years.
With love left unfulfilled
we are both left gasping . . . out of breath
knowing dreams can fade
as fast as sunsets.
You chase your dream
I chase mine
neither of us taking time
to see our shadows
on the ground embracing.

Silent Rhapsody

Silence like a lover speaks
I listen, I hear, I feel
I am comforted
with tranquility.
Silence helps me
see, sense, touch
the essence of things
without apology.
Silence drowns out
sounds of a world
full of distractions, confusion
and useless information.
Silence teaches me
I am humbled
by the echoes
of a universe
in constant motion.
Eternally expanding
unfolding and moving
by the hand of God.
Silence like a lover speaks
Are you listening?




A silver metal people mover
in perpetual motion, like a shiny snake,
slithering and sliding,
screeching and screaming,
pushing and pulling,
it's way through the belly of the city.
Riders of the subway
stare at everything but each other.
So afraid to see themselves in someone's eyes
they cover up with silence.
Electric monster creeping past every turn,
carrying its static cargo to yet another station.
Regurgitating, then filling up again
always moving toward endless destinations.
This night train to nowhere
presses onward in a city
that never sleeps.
A silver metal people mover
a monster from the deep.

Testosterone & Adrenaline

How long has it been my friend?
Since we embraced . . . shared a laugh
talking about manly things or kicked
a can along a lonely stretch of highway.
I can’t remember now
but I know it’s been too long.
If your still alive out there somewhere,
then I know your beard has grown
as gray as mine – And I wonder
if you ever think of me.
Do you remember all the crazy things we did?
I do. Risking everything we knew and loved
for just one more adventure.
The road trips to Miami from the Catskills
and back again just because we could.
We were young and strong back then
too proud to think we needed anyone
who might insult us with their silence.
We lived on testosterone and adrenaline
fearing nothing not even our own ignorance.
Remember how we laughed in the face of danger,
masked our tears with high fives and bear hugs . . .
Till next time we said – friends and brothers forever.
But next time never came.
If you ever read this will you
recognize yourself in these lines.
I do.
How could we have let all these years
slip by us without a word.
I don’t remember when or why or who
stopped trying – I don’t really care.
I loved you then and love you still.