I'll just sit here and watch


Wind huffing and bullying its way through branches
too timid to do more than move
noisily aside
as I watch

Burley Black Crows carried far from their courses
shake off embarrassment
after slamming into shingled rooves
and dormer windows
realigning feathers quietly
as they sheepishly walk home
in anger

looking back at me surreptitiously over
drooping shoulders dragging tails
hoping I didn't notice

Scraps and scatters of ground
swirl in intricate and parabolic patterns
winding their way upward to my
balcony and into my eyes
dusting my black dog with white gritty age
and scaring my black cat back inside
to sit on her chair

it's hers now so why argue

I follow the path of the wind
when I rinse my eyes
and into the gathering, congregating,
ganging clouds of even ~ ing
the point when day and night
have the same chance
of buying my imagination
see them kiss, then change shifts
regardless of my decision

A high flying jet rumbles as it
muscles its way deep into the gatherings
winks once in the lowering sun
then passes into apogee
or perigee
or folklore

depending upon your view ~ apogee for me
you know

But the wind is past that now
reaching for more than things it can push
poking with thinly extended tendrils
hopeful in its tickling wispy entreaties
that one can brush the underbelly
of heaven
get its attention for just a second
see if anybody's home
chew the fat
ask a question maybe

and that's a journey I let it take
because if this is poetry
and that's what it looks like
I'm not telling the wind
I've lived volumes
I've been there before
it's not my turn anymore

I'll just sit here on my balcony
and watch
Brushing my dog black again
and cooing to my cat
who won't leave her chair

even for poetry


İRG Liberty
Fall, 1993