"I am a Rat,"
The rat said, staring God defiantly in the eye.
"How do you account for that?"

God could only sigh.

"I'm one of your creatures,
"I'm furry and squat,
"When decent folks see me they faint on the spot!
"I've no cuddly features,
"I'm grey, round and fat,
"I'm not a rhinoceros;

God only chuckled and pushed back his hat.

"With all of your powers,
"How did you do it?
"You should'a been watchin',
"You wouldn'a blew it.
"C'mon Mr. Miracle, waddaya say,
"Why did ya slap me together this way?"

God shrugged and said "I had an off day?"

İRG Liberty
Winter, 1975