Marigolds and Roses


Sing to me a silly song
A silly song of justice.

Your smile bespeaks the tears
The hardship of the years.

Pray me now a silly prayer
A silly prayer of salvage.

A warming touch of cheek to breast
Shall bring my soul to gentle rest.

Laugh with me a silly laugh
A silly laugh derisive.

Your whispered breath to brush my ears
Will disenchant my growing fears.

Cry me now a silly cry
A silly cry of mourning.

Your liquid eyes a loving nest
The hangman's rope my final test.

Hush me now a silly tale
A silly tale all quiet.

But shed no tear, my silken bride
'Tis judgment day, I cannot hide.

Instead of weeping, all to see
Enjoin with me, be ever free.

And lift your spirits evenly
To love and to remember me.

A hail to all life's decent molds
And all its proper poses

But sing me now, my pretty girl
Of Marigolds and Roses.

İRG Liberty
Winter, 1984