Love Ethereal

R. Carpenter


They ask: "How can you love unseen, unheard, untouched?"
I answer: "If it is she, how can I not?"

Why couldn't I love her across the miles -
if life's deafening cannot mask her gentlest whisper,
nor its demands conceal my most secret yearning?

Why shouldn't we love -
if love brings close what life divides,
if distance cannot weaken, nor time diminish, the heart's attraction?

Tell me where lie its earthly boundaries -
what barriers can strong passions never topple,
nor love more gently cross?

Love finds love across the world, paths unseen, heralds unheard,
yet ever awaited and ever welcome.

As for my One, her essence is all I have ... yet that is everything.
Her own true self laid bare of superficialities, free of disguise.

Truly I know not of her - but I know her - by her makeup and spirit,
her joys and griefs and kindness, our sharing across the ether.

We've shared ourselves in words. Reached beyond our solitude.
Committed to each in heart and mind.

And it is love alone which joins us, untainted by life, unsullied by touch.

More intimate than closeness, more close than touching.

Love stronger than flesh, more enduring than life.
For if some day finds death between us, still will the one have
the words of the other, and still will we be together.

İR. Carpenter