Hidden Pleasures

R. Carpenter

A maiden passes in the street
and tempted heart withholds beatingThe billowed wind caresses fabric
God's gentle touch upon her skin A chance unveiling of her splendor
exquisite moment, unexpected pleasure A peek is mine ... and heartfelt sigh
delightful quiver, familiar longing How quickly desire intrudes on thought
o'er that simple innocent fleshed limb So firm yet yielding when gently touched,
warm, exciting, fair too much What would I give to breathe that breeze
once passed across that silken skin? What I would give to touch the touch
of lover, friend, or simple pet To wrap my arms, embrace her close
press warm lips there at end of day How it pains to pass her by,
ask not her name, nor brush against Unspoken wishes, unanswered prayers
mark the boundaries 'round my desire While I await, and always must
the next delightful passing breeze

İR. Carpenter